"I am forming a union because [a union] creates a safe, mutually beneficial environment for all workers; ensures a livable wage and open communication among all positions and encourages long-

"I am forming our union because I believe we deserve livable wages and a voice in decisions that affect our job."

“I am choosing to unionize because we as workers should be compensated for our time and effort enriching our community. We want to feel valued and deserve to be compensated properly.

"I love Kidspace and feel that having a union is the best way to ensure the museum will be able to attract and retain the the highest quality of staff it deserves."

“I value Kidspace, our mission, and the work we do to serve the children and families in our community. I also believe in the power of unions as a voice for workers.”

"I'm supporting our union, Kidspace United, because I believe that all workers should make a living wage and have a strong, valued voice in their workplace."

"When it comes down to choosing between leaving or staying and improving our workplace, the choice is easy. I love my job and I love Kidspace. As such, I support a union to help make it the best it can be."

"I support our right to unionize because I believe a safe workspace functions on transparency and respect for my time and labor as a worker."